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As you probably know, the Australian summertime can be extremely hot. When I moved to Australia from England, I knew it would be warm, but I wasn't ready for the intense heat. I had bought a home on the outskirts of Sydney. It was a great place but unfortunately, it didn't have an HVAC system. I moved in during the winter time, so this wasn't a problem. However, when the weather began to warm up, the interior of my home became very uncomfortable. I called in an HVAC contractor who explained my options before installing a modern HVAC system which keeps my house nice and cool.


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Air Conditioning Options

    5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Cooling Costs This Summer

    Some people dread summer because of the high temperatures and oppressive humidity. Others dread the summer months because of the high energy bills. If you fall into the latter category, there are things you can do to lessen the pain. Making a few simple changes now can reduce your cooling costs this summer and allow you to enjoy everything those warm months have to offer. Most of these changes cost very little, and some of them require nothing more than your time.

    3 Questions a Company Owner Might Have About Commercial Air Conditioning

    Your commercial air conditioning system is very important for your company, as it not only keeps workers cool but also protects your materials from damage due to heat and humidity. When the commercial air conditioner is not working, not only does the building get very warm but it can also get very humid, allowing for damage to drywall, any product you're manufacturing, and so on. Note a few questions you might have about commercial air conditioning and then talk to a contractor about these issues if needed.