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As you probably know, the Australian summertime can be extremely hot. When I moved to Australia from England, I knew it would be warm, but I wasn't ready for the intense heat. I had bought a home on the outskirts of Sydney. It was a great place but unfortunately, it didn't have an HVAC system. I moved in during the winter time, so this wasn't a problem. However, when the weather began to warm up, the interior of my home became very uncomfortable. I called in an HVAC contractor who explained my options before installing a modern HVAC system which keeps my house nice and cool.


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Air Conditioning Options

3 Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

by Herminia Lopez

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient way of heating and cooling your home, you might want to consider an air source heat pump. This type of HVAC system draws heat from the external air in summer and uses it to heat your home, whereas in summer, they work in reverse, extracting heat from the air inside the home to keep it cool. The technology is the same as that used in refrigerators. Here are a few key benefits that you can expect when you install an air source heat pump in your home.

1. Heat Pumps Are Eco-Friendly

Air source heat pumps are extremely efficient compared to other types of heating and cooling systems. Unlike gas heating systems, they do not burn fossil fuels, which means they do not produce carbon dioxide or any other greenhouse gases. If you choose an environmentally friendly electricity supplier or get your electricity from a renewable source such as solar panels on your roof, you can feel good about heating and cooling your home in the most eco-friendly way possible.

2. Heat Pumps Both Heat And Cool

Why invest in separate heating and cooling systems for your home when you select a single system that does both? There is no need to make space for a furnace and an air conditioning unit when you use an air source heat pump, as it performs both roles.

Many people worry that, because heat pumps provide both heating and cooling, they will not perform as well at either role as a specialised cooling or heating system. However, modern air source heat pumps are extremely effective, keeping homes cosy in winter and cool in summer.

3. Heat Pumps Require Little Maintenance

For many people, the biggest attraction of air source heat pumps is that they require very little maintenance once they have been installed. Unlike gas heating systems, they do not require frequent safety checks. They are not prone to developing electrical faults or becoming clogged with dirt or dust. While occasional maintenance checks are a good idea, to a large extent heat pumps are a "set and forget" technology. They can last for multiple decades, saving you money on HVAC maintenance and replacement in the long run.

Some homes are more suitable than others for air source heat pumps. Contact an HVAC installation company to find out whether your home is a good candidate.