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As you probably know, the Australian summertime can be extremely hot. When I moved to Australia from England, I knew it would be warm, but I wasn't ready for the intense heat. I had bought a home on the outskirts of Sydney. It was a great place but unfortunately, it didn't have an HVAC system. I moved in during the winter time, so this wasn't a problem. However, when the weather began to warm up, the interior of my home became very uncomfortable. I called in an HVAC contractor who explained my options before installing a modern HVAC system which keeps my house nice and cool.


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Air Conditioning Options

Two tips for those who want to get an air conditioning system installed in the property they are renting

by Herminia Lopez

If you have been renting a property for quite a while and would like to get air conditioning installed in it, you may want to keep the advice provided here in mind.

Gather the information you need about the air conditioning installation process before approaching your landlord.

Due to the fact that the installation of any kind of air conditioning system involves making significant changes to at least some of the walls in a property, you will almost certainly need your landlord's permission to go ahead with the installation of the system. By discussing it with them beforehand, you will not only ensure that you do not inadvertently breach your tenancy agreement (if it states that you must consult the landlord before making major changes to the property) but you may also be able to strike a deal with them wherein they pay for a percentage of the system itself, as well as the cost of getting a contractor to install it.

Before you broach this subject with them, you should contact some of the local HVAC contractors and ask them for quotes for installing a new air conditioning system and enquire about the exact changes they will need to make to the building when performing the installation. If you have this information when you first talk to the landlord about this matter, they may be more willing to let you go ahead with the installation, as they will understand precisely how much it will cost them and the impact it will have on the appearance of their rental property.

Go for a split system.

If you're getting air conditioning installed in a house that you're renting, it is probably best to buy a split system. The main reason for this is that because the installation of split systems is less complex than the installation of ducted systems, HVAC contractors normally charge less when fitting these units. Furthermore, the units that a split system is comprised of are also usually less expensive than the components that make up a ducted system.

Whilst split systems don't quite match ducted systems, in terms of their ability to rapidly cool down rooms, they are perfectly fine for most small and medium-sized properties. The cost-effectiveness of a split system will not only make your landlord more inclined to allow you to get it installed, but will also ensure that you don't end up spending too much of your own money improving a property that does not belong to you.