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As you probably know, the Australian summertime can be extremely hot. When I moved to Australia from England, I knew it would be warm, but I wasn't ready for the intense heat. I had bought a home on the outskirts of Sydney. It was a great place but unfortunately, it didn't have an HVAC system. I moved in during the winter time, so this wasn't a problem. However, when the weather began to warm up, the interior of my home became very uncomfortable. I called in an HVAC contractor who explained my options before installing a modern HVAC system which keeps my house nice and cool.


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Air Conditioning Options

Tips on How to Design the Best Air Conditioning for Your Company

by Herminia Lopez

During the hot summers, companies rely on air conditioning systems to ensure the work environment is conducive. Even slight temperature changes can affect workers efficiency and the bottom line. Simply put, the air conditioning units have to be flawless. So, how do you ensure that the air conditioning system you choose for your commercial space is ideal?

Selecting the right commercial air conditioning system for your company is a daunting experience, but this post will share key tips you should consider.

Know your space

It would be unwise to choose your air conditioning unit without understanding your commercial space properly.

An office that has a high ceiling can sometimes have air pockets which are warmer than the other parts of the room. This means the AC unit will have to work harder in order to circulate fresh air, increasing the electricity budget. A high ceiling will also need more ductwork compared to office spaces with standard ceiling heights.

Although an open office plan is perfect for collaborative workspaces and communication, it can be challenging to cool with one air conditioning unit. Employees who are near the unit will complain of being excessively cold while the others who are far will feel warmer.

Understand what your company's needs

While every business needs air conditioning, especially during the warm months, the cooling needs vary from one company to another. Some businesses need to maintain constant temperatures whereas others don't. For instance, the cooling needs of an IT company will differ from that of a grocery store.

Select an AC system that suits your company

After working out the kind of space you'll be handling and the cooling needs of your company, you can now pick an AC system. Some common types of air conditioning systems include:

Central AC system – this is a large system that's capable of cooling big spaces. The systems come with large compressors and can produce lots of cool air. Of course, this kind of system is costly to operate, so ensure your company can cover the expenses.

Triple/twin split AC system – if your office space is large or open, consider getting a twin or triple split AC system. Rather than installing one unit that will cool one side of the room, splitting one unit into two or more components helps ensure the office is evenly cooled throughout. Usually, these units are connected to an outdoor unit and the main controller, meaning the temperature in your commercial space will be constant all day.

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